Spa Packages

Gratuity is not included in these prices.

Massage Therapy (1 hour)                                                         $65
A combination of five strokes; gliding, kneading, friction,
compression, and tapping create the perfect conditions
for muscle relaxation and circulation improvement.

The Incredible Indulgence Package                                      $180
These are luxury services at their finest; an experience you will
not forget.
A one hour massage, an Agapé Signature Facial and
an aroma therapy
manicure and pedicure.  You may enjoy
these services on different days or all in one day.

Mom’s Retreat                                                                              $145
She will absolutely love the Agapé Signature Facial, haircut and
style, make-up application, manicure, and bouquet of flowers!

The Sweetheart Package                                                           $165
Why not give your sweetheart a gift that she will treasure?
It begins with our Agapé Signature Facial, a luxurious
manicure and pedicure, followed by a haircut and style.
She may enjoy
these services on different days or all in one
day.  And we won’t forget the surprise gift that comes with
her Day of Beauty!

Tropical Getaway                                                                        $145
Your retreat begins with our fabulous Hawaiian Papaya
Enzyme Facial followed by a relaxing Tropical Citrus Scrub
pedicure, a paraffin hand wax treatment topped off with lemon
moisturizer, and ending with a honey-almond shampoo and style.

Bridal and Formal Occasions
Trial Run Wedding Style                                $50 and up
Wedding Day Hairstyle                                  $60 and up
Wedding Day Make-Up Application            $35 and up
Formal Occasion Hairstyle                            $60 and up